Celebrant of Adelaide -
Hello happy couple!
Congratulations on your engagement!
My name is Bronwyn Lindsay
and I am an authorised Civil Marriage Celebrant
Bridal Industry
'Designer of Dreams'
Awards Nominee 2012
I became a Wedding Celebrant 5 years ago for 3 big reasons...
1. Because I had heard too many stories about disappointing, boring or strange wedding ceremonies, and I became passionate about providing the brides and grooms of adelaide with the option to have a gorgeous, personal, relaxed wedding that they love and that their guests will say was the 'best wedding ever!'
2. Because I have 20 years of experience in Public Speaking and public presentation (your guests won't miss a word of your ceremony!) and just as many years of study in script writing - I use this experience to write you a completely unique, personal, romantic and funny ceremony script.
3. And last but not least, because I love it! I love meeting my gorgeous couples, getting to know them and their stories, and then creating the perfect ceremony for them.
Nothing excites me more than walking away from a wedding knowing that my bride and groom and their guests are feeling over the moon with the wedding they have just been a part of. 
My details:
  • Bronwyn Lucy Lindsay, married to James
  • Resident of Stirling, South Australia. Within 5 minutes from fantastic wedding ceremony venues such as Wairoa Gardens, Stangate House, My Lofty House and The Lane, Hahndorf.
  • 20 years of study and experience in script/ ceremony writing, public speaking and presentation.
  • A passion for creating personalised ceremonies and helping clients to enjoy their day as much as possible!
  • Specialising in creative alternatives to ensure your ceremony is as personal as possible.
Please call me anytime for a no obligation chat to see how I can make your ceremony an amazing experience!
Please use the information in this website to get to know me, any special legal information, wedding ideas and as a guide to celebrancy costs.
All Other Ceremonies
  • Naming Days
  • Committment Ceremonies
  • Renewal of Vows
Please call at any time to discuss ideas for your ceremony!
I am required by law under the Marriage Act, and as recently instructed by the Attorney-General's Department:
1. to inform everyone that I am an authorised celebrant (using prescribed words)
2. to inform you of the law regarding marriage (using prescribed words) 
3. to ask you, using your full names, if you are moving into your marriage freely.
4. to advise you that you may add your own vows or promises but that they must include certain words.
We five (bride, groom, 2 witnesses, celebrant) need to sign the three certificates. 
What paper work do you need?
The Notice of Intended Marriage Form
You may obtain a copy of the Notice of Intended Marriage (Form 13) from me, a Registry Office, or from the official website. The Federal Attorney-General’s website for the Notice of Intended Marriage is:
The N.I.M. form must be ‘lodged’ with whomever is going to conduct your ceremony at least one calendar month prior to the proposed date. In practice, this means one month and one day! So if you are getting married on August 9, then I must receive the signed form by July 8. It is a 4 page form, 2 pages for you to read, and 2 pages for you and me to fill in and sign. Page 2 contains very important information.
Regarding date and place of birth
  • If you were born in Australia you must produce an official certificate, or anofficial extract of an entry in an official register, showing the date and place of birth. A statutory declaration may be used in the rare instance of a birth certificate being unavailable. Please check with your celebrant regarding this unusual situation.
  • If you were born overseas, you should produce your birth certificate, or you may produce a passport issued by a government of an overseas country, showing the date and place of birth. A statutory declaration is also a possibility, but it is unlikely that this provision will have to be used. Please ask your celebrant about this situation.
To apply for a birth certificate in South Australia visit the Office of Consumer and Business Affairs
If you have been previously married you will have to produce evidence of your divorce or death of your spouse.
  • for divorces in Australia prior to 2005 (decree nisi and decree absolute) a decree absolutes is required, and for divorces in Australia since 2005(simplified Certificate of Divorce) the date divorce takes effect is the key date.
  • for divorces in overseas countries what is required is divorce documentation from the country in which the divorce took place.
  • Acceptable evidence of the death of a spouse is the official death certificate or other official documents like a coroner or police report.
As your celebrant I will talk through the ramifications, and variations, of these basic rules.
For details regarding Pre-marriage counselling, please visit the below links:
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